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3D Visualisation Bureau Service

We understand that you want the benefits from new developments in 3D CAD, Simulation, Immersive VR and 3D printing but without the hassle, cost and training.

Let our 3D Visualisation Bureau Service bridge the gap between you and the many potential suppliers by guiding you through the plethora of options and pulling all the steps together to deliver the right visualisation solution for you, within your budget.

What’s the Problem and how can I get “double added value”?

We’ve all been there. It is a key multi-disciplinary design review and there a lot of expensive people sat around a large table, all waiting for their opportunity to contribute. But an overload of paper precedes ‘death by power point’ and the tremendous added value there could have been is thrown out with the sandwich crusts. What could have been done better?

  • The design was conceived in 3D because that’s how we humans think. So for goodness sake present it in 3D, interactively, and with motion showing the key processes
  •  If it helps, throw in some stereo or even immerse your team in the design using a virtual environment (but not just as a gimmick).
  • And what about those moments when just pointing at something saves a thousand words and several expensive misunderstandings? Put a physical scale model on the desk of course!

The correct use of today’s ‘off the shelf’ 3D Visualisation technologies can really take your communication up to a new level and multiply fruitful discussion in a way that saves time and reduces expensive mistakes.

That win-win is what we call “double added value” and you can use our 3D Visualisation Bureau Service to help you to achieve this using some or all of the next 4 steps:

1) Conceive it in 3D

At last, even very traditional and conservative industries are moving away from 2D CAD to 3D CAD and are reaping the benefits this gives, including:

  • Improved communication both internally and externally
  • Reduced time to market or project duration
  • Fewer changes and ‘prototypes’
  • Faster and more reliable drawing updates when changes inevitably occur
  • And the ability to perform fit and collision checking to name just five.

Make sure you are on the 3D CAD ‘band wagon’ because it can take you to the next three visualisation advantages much faster.

2) Simulate it in 3D

Simulation in 3D has numerous benefits which are described in detail on our Simulation page. Leverage your investment in 3D CAD by taking this next step into 3D Simulation; whether you just want to use it as an excellent communication aid, for rapid and broad optioneering, or as a real engineering tool to evaluate technical and commercial risks. Let us help you add value to your 3D CAD investment.

3) Immerse Yourself in 3D

Often, sitting in front of a 2D projection of a 3D robotic cell is enough to achieve your aims for clear communication, collaboration, review and problem solving. But sometimes it isn’t.

For those times where it is necessary why not move up a gear to real-time collaborative stereo design, or even immerse your team in a virtual environment. It is not just a gimmick as many serious design and manufacturing organisations using VR technologies will testify. Stereo and immersive VR systems can deliver real understanding of data as your whole team interact with it, from the designer to the senior management (including manufacturing, marketing and training on the way).

4) ‘Print’ it in 3D

Join the growing band of companies who recognise the benefits of Rapid Prototyping and let your engineers truly get to grips with their designs. It can be the right tool for the job!

A scale model of a complex robotic cell on the table in a multi-disciplinary design review can really aid communication, saving time and cost; but it will also multiply fruitful discussion. Identify improvements and flaws with a scaled down pre-production model and see your project costs scaled down as well.

Rapid Prototyping is rapidly developing so even as the complexity of today’s models has risen the cost of these models is falling. Shape, colour, materials and even moving parts can all be employed (at a price) to get the right result – a prototype or scale model giving unparalleled hands on visualisation.

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To go beyond ‘mere’ 3D Simulation check out our 3D Visualisation Bureau Service.