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Consultancy, Problem Solving & Risk Reduction

Our experience spans two fast moving decades in the unique and demanding field of industrial automation, machine vision, robotics and remote handling. From this foundation we apply world-class expertise and outstanding problem solving skills to your multidisciplinary engineering challenges to deliver the best solutions - from inception to implementation.

Benefits include: Risk Reduction - Problem solving - Proof of Concept - Design Assessment – Visualisation and ‘Buy In’

Every project has to start somewhere and our expertise, experience and skills provide a complete and cost effective launch pad for yours with these services:

  • Problem Solving
  • Concept Development
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Optioneering
  • Systems Design and Analysis
  • Technology Search, Evaluation or Forecasting

In the ‘Virtual’ World: 3D Simulation and Visualization

We can deliver a variety of 3D Simulation and Visualization services based on a comprehensive suite of simulation tools and skills. For details, check out our 3D Visualization Bureau Service or visit our Simulation page.

In the ‘Physical’ World: Prototyping, Trials and Tests
Grippers, vision systems and partial or full robotic test cells can be commissioned to prove your operations and provide you with performance analysis, hands on experience, and suggestions for improvements. We have both industrial electric and sub-sea hydraulic manipulators available for remote handling mock-ups. Detailed and in-depth mechanical, electrical and controls design support is available from associates where required.

Use the Contact page to arrange a free consultation visit to discuss your application.