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Applications & Experience

Nuclear - Defence - Bio-Hazard - Industrial Automation

The applications and projects below span many years and were completed by a variety of companies but all have one thing in common, our unique contribution:


Nuclear Waste Box Lidding and Swabbing

Standard industrial robot with robust tool changer and tool bank for swabbing a nuclear waste container and bolting down the lid.

Decommissioning Controller

Application of proprietary industrial standard Advanced Tele-operation Controller (ATC) to several nuclear projects.

Legacy Nuclear Reactor Inspection Manipulator Upgrade and Support

Nuclear manipulator control system upgrade of an 11 degree of freedom inspection arm in an operational nuclear reactor.

Controller Upgrade Saving £’000s

Radiation hardening of swabbing robots by upgrading encoders to resolvers, plus bespoke electronics for full compatibility with the original robot controller.

VIT Line Repair Using ATC

Consultancy and conversion of two of industrial standard Advanced Tele-operation Controllers (ATC) from use with the ‘HDHM’ for use with the new Schilling Titan 4 allowing the main contractor to effect the pipe repair.

Fuel Pellet Inspection using Machine Vision

Consultancy in the design and supply of machine vision systems for the inspection of fuel pellets and fuel pins, together with mechanical handling to further automate the process.


Software for Bomb Disposal

Manipulator kinematic control software development for a 9 degree of freedom remote bomb disposal manipulator to MOD SIL2 software standard.


Design, build, commission and delivery of a novel man portable Abrasive Water Jet Cutting (AWJC) robot for CMD.


  • Manipulator design and control for the placement of a mine detection confirmation sensor;
  • Design of arm kinematics and matching control system for a redundant manipulator for use in CBRNE;
  • Investigation into the application of new and emerging technologies to IEDD and CMD problems



In recent consultancy it became clear that many types of Bio-Hazards can be addressed and reduced to some degree with proven and emerging technologies such as: Remote Handling, Robotics (including specialist robots and microbots), Automation, Machine Vision, portable & stand-off detection sensors (including FTIR & Raman spectrometry), developments in software & cognitive systems, and break through technologies such as nano particles & materials, ‘lab on a chip’ and anhydrobiosis.

Challenging life science applications - both in the lab and in the field – can leverage developments in these key technologies from work done on nuclear, defence (eg CBRNE), cutting edge industrial and even surgical and clinical applications.

Solutions are available now and in the near term whether you are looking to reduce risk from sharps, sample gathering, and animal autopsy; or simply seeking to improve throughput and tracking of sample processing.

Industrial Automation

The application of Robotics, Automation and Machine Vision to nuclear, defence and bio-hazard applications is non-trivial and often requires Advanced Robotics to cope with the challenges. Many years of applying Advanced Robotics into these unstructured environments has given us the expertise and experience required to address your more challenging industrial automation applications.

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