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What we do

Advanced Robotic Technology Ltd delivers consultancy, projects and systems in Remote Handling and Robotics for Hazardous Environments including Nuclear, Defence and high containment Bio-Hazards. We specialise in the deployment of systems where it is too dangerous, difficult, or remote to deploy people.

Our experience also encompasses the specification and installation of conventional industrial robots, machine vision systems, controls and HMI. This is in hazardous environments as well as in leading-edge industrial automation applications.

How we do it

We apply world-class expertise and outstanding problem solving skills to your multidisciplinary engineering challenges to deliver the best solutions - from inception to implementation.

Bespoke project teams are assembled from our unique network of associates and specialist supplier companies. We also supply “Intelligent Buyer” support, technical and tender documentation services for either side of the contractual relationship.

Use the Contact page to arrange a free consultation visit to discuss your application.

New 3D Visualisation Bureau Service

Make your next Multi-Disciplinary Design Review ‘go with a bang’ and maximise the vital contribution of all the expensive attendees. To see the specifics of how you can benefit from “double added value” visit our 3D Visualization Bureau Service page.

We understand that you want the benefits from new developments in 3D CAD, Simulation, Immersive VR or 3D printing but without the hassle, cost and training. Let our 3D Visualisation Bureau Service bridge the gap between you and the many potential suppliers by guiding you through the plethora of options and pulling all the steps together to deliver the right visualisation solution for you, within your budget.